EU wind turbine blade supply chain publishes statement on Net-Zero Industry Act

Wind turbine in field.

Key industries working in the European wind turbine blade value chain have published a statement highlighting the urgent need for more ambitious measures to strengthen EU resilience and advance Net-Zero Industry Act (NZIA) goals.

Together, TECH-FAB Europe, CEFIC UP/VE, CEFIC Epoxy Europe, Glass Fibre Europe, Rotorblatt Allianz and major core materials producers call on policymakers to adopt policies that favour local content, accelerate investigations to impose needed trade defence measures, expand custom controls of imports and better enforce environmental, sustainability and social requirements for imports.

Upstream materials such as glass fibres and fabrics, resins and core materials are strategic value chain components for net-zero technologies. Upstream industries in the wind energy turbine blade value chain have made valuable and instrumental contributions to the production of wind turbines in the EU, including important innovations enabling, for example, the constant increase in the length of wind turbine blades, leading to an increase in power output.

The position paper calls for EU authorities to take steps that directly and substantially encourage sustainable and resilient supply chains, favouring less complexity along with a higher content of EU-produced critical inputs, and ensure a level-playing field on the EU market.

Read the position paper: EU wind turbine blade supply chain advocates urgent measures to strengthen EU resilience.