TECH-FAB Europe launches LCA project

Screenshot of a Teams meeting.

TECH-FAB Europe is launching a new initiative to develop federation-level life cycle assessments (LCAs) of key technical textiles product families.

The analyses will be performed by PwC using a cradle-to-gate approach, taking into account the impacts of raw material extraction, transportation and processing, including product production, to the point of delivery to customers.

From wind energy, construction, and automotive, to sports & leisure, and more, solutions based on technical textiles are enabling numerous industries to achieve the objectives of the European Green Deal. An LCA for key product families will provide additional information to demonstrate the sustainability of the technical textiles industry to all stakeholders.

The LCA project was launched with TECH-FAB Europe’s Composites Working Group at a kick-off meeting on 28th May. This has been followed by meeting with the Open Mesh Fabric Working Group on 13th June. During the data collection process and future dissemination of information, we will fully comply with European competition law. We plan to share the results of the project by the end of this year.

Federation-level LCAs can be used to inform the development of policies and regulations. These can also contribute to the establishment of industry-wide sustainability standards. The federation and the companies are provided with EU-wide averages for each product category. All participating members of the federation also obtain their individual results. Comparing the life cycle impacts of different sites within the federation average enables benchmarking. Companies and sites can use this information to set improvement targets, track performance over time, and adopt best practices to minimise their environmental footprint.