TECH-FAB Europe joins the European Composites Industry Association

TECH-FAB Europe has joined the European Composites Industry Association (EuCIA).

EuCIA, headquartered in Brussels, represents European national composites associations and industry-specific sector groups at EU level. With the support of its members, EuCIA actively contributes to building an economically and environmentally sustainable European composites industry. EuCIA closely follows relevant standards and legislation, actively communicates on the ways in which composites contribute to a more sustainable world, and promotes educational activities.

“Technical textiles are used to produce high strength, lightweight, durable products for the transportation, construction, renewable energy, sports and leisure, and many other markets,” explains Agusti Porta, President of TECH-FAB Europe. “Demonstrating how our products, through their various applications, contribute to the European Green Deal objectives is essential. Composites is an important application sector and we look forward to working with the team of experts in EuCIA’s Sustainability Working Group to explore new opportunities for collaboration and communication at European level.”

TECH-FAB Europe also plans to contribute data on technical fabrics to EuCIA’s Eco Impact Calculator, the online life cycle assessment (LCA) tool for composite products, in the coming months.

“We are delighted to welcome TECH-FAB Europe and its members to the EuCIA network,” states Roberto Frassine, President, EuCIA. “We look forward to sharing knowledge and best practices and to working together on initiatives to ensure the sustainable growth and continued competitiveness of our industries in Europe.

Picture: Agusti Porta joined the EuCIA members meeting in Brussels on 7th February.

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