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Open Mesh


Open mesh

Working group mission

Composed by the European leaders of Technical textiles , producing a glass mesh to reinforce External Thermal Insulation Systems.

Our textiles participate actively to improve Thermal insulation of the building, essential to reach our EU Green deal objective.

Members of the group are involved in CEN standard evolution

Lead trade defence initiatives to a fair and competitive EU environment

Working Group Members
Open Mesh Markets
Product range

Open Mesh

Mesh fabric with an Alkali-resistant coating, providing high tensile strength and low elongation to prevent the formation of cracks. Main Application: External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS)

Joining tapes

Range of drywall joint tapes and crack repair products offers strength, flexibility, easy installation and considerable cost savings.


Open Mesh variation in various shapes, such as corner tapes, or specific coatings (TP etc.)