Finished parts

A finished part is defined as punched (2D), moulded (3D) and ready-made parts according to customer specifications.

Punched parts:
According to customer specifications, the 2D parts are precisely punched, cut with a plotter or with a water jet to the smallest detail, on woven fabrics and non-wovens.

Moulded parts:
Textile moulded parts offer OEMs and their suppliers innovative and ready-to-install solutions for insulation tasks in the field of exhaust systems and emission control.
They are perfect suitable for high-temperature insulation up to 1100 °C in the tightest spaces, custom geometries with variable wall thicknesses (gradients) – also in 3D moulds – and low thermal conductivity. Moulded parts contain no harmful substances, emit no smoke or unpleasant odours, and are supplied tailor-made and ready-to-install.

Ready-made parts:
Ready-made parts are used to insulate modules with complex geometries according to customer specification. In this case, non-woven and woven fabrics are combined.
Non-wovens are used to reach the requested insulation properties while woven fabrics are applied to generate a smooth and stable surface. Furthermore, woven fabrics can be provided with functional coatings.

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